No Nonsense Nutrition Coaching

Simple, results-based nutrition coaching for women who are ready to transform not only their body, but their relationship WITH their body and food.

Stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed about how to eat. Stop feeling inadequate in your own skin and disempowered in your body. Enough already with the serial dieting, the strict meal plans, the quick-fixes. If those things worked, wouldn't they have worked already?!

Start feeling energized, healthy, empowered and confident. Learn how to listen to your body, and manage your eating using methods that are sane, stress-free and straight forward. No gimmicks, no shortcuts. Just action.

 Spoiler alert: You probably already have the information you need when it comes to fat loss, BUT I'm going to let you in on an important secret: It's not about the food.

When you join No Nonsense Nutrition you will have me as your mentor and your guide along the way. I love creating customized solutions and strategies to help you overcome challenges. More than that, I love identifying WHY we keep going back to our old patterns. Let's get to the bottom of it. I want you to feel confident, supported and heard. You no longer need to struggle alone on this journey. I'll be in your corner 100%.

To explore whether No Nonsense Nutrition is right for you, schedule a No Nonsense Connection Call with Justine. This FREE call is an opportunity to chat about your goals and the program. There is no obligation to join.

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Registration for No Nonsense Nutrition is closed. Please sumbit an application for future sessions above. Justine will contact you when the next round of coaching is open. 

Hey! I’m Justine,  

I wasted years struggling with my own diet and exercise. I tried all the diets. I constantly felt like I was gaining and losing the same weight over and over again. I was restricting my calories, lacking energy, feeling miserable, frustrated and ashamed. I made no real progress until something clicked for me: 

The reason why I care about this process isn't about being smaller, or skinner or more muscular. These things are definitely by-products of the process, BUT the real reason why we (women) start this process in the firstplace is about much more: 

It's about self-respect and finding peace with our bodies. It's about feeling capable, powerful and confident. Yes, physical goals matter, but the truth is, this process is much more about self-respect and self-trust. Once we learn to respect ourselves, that's when we can start to live our lives unencumbered by the negative emotions, extra weight and self-doubt that hold us back. 

Once I realized this, everything changed. No Nonsense Nutrition was born out of a desire to help women finally free themselves of the negative patterns that held them back in the past so they can step into their best, most empowered self. When we respect and take care of ourselves, we show up more confident and capable in all areas of our lives.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the past seven years on their health and fitness goals. I’m a Personal Training Specialist and Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist and I’m a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.  

What my clients are saying:

“Working with Justine through No Nonsense Nutrition has been life-changing. I have gone through cycles of being fit and then gaining weight back for a LONG time, and I was sick of the circle. I wanted to transform my relationship to food, eating, and my body, and I got all of that and more.

 For someone like me, who tends to go all-in hard, and then fall off when things get too busy, the steady pace of a habit-based program was exactly what I needed to build healthy habits that will now last me a lifetime. I learned to love myself and my body, lost 25 lbs and 18 inches overall, and now I eat and move joyfully, as a way to fuel my body and life, and take WAY better care of myself (including sleep!) than I ever have. 

All throughout the process, Justine has been by my side, cheering me on, giving me the loving feedback I needed in the moment, and helping me out whenever I got stuck. Do it!” - E.M. 

"I can't thank you enough for all the support and care you have offered through No Nonsense Nutrition. The experience was transformative, as you know, and completely has reframed how I feel about eating, my body, and wellness. As I start this busier version of my life, I finally feel like I have the tools to approach my life with greater awareness and balance. Yes I lost about 20 pounds, but I feel like I'm a better version of myself. It's not just about the weight loss...that is just a side effect of all the other great work.  

I have so much gratitude for you and the incredible work that you do. I'm so happy I took the leap and did this program with you!" -C.K.  

"I really loved the program and definitely embraced it's philosophies. I was at a point in my life when I had given up on losing weight. I had got rid of all my "skinny" clothes and had accepted this was just the way I am supposed to be. This program taught me a different way to look at food and eating and the way it teaches has built new habits for me that I am happy to report I have been able to maintain my new lifestyle and body composite over the past year. I am smaller now than I have ever been in my life but I am also healthy, happy and enjoy the things I eat and exercising." -J.B.  

“Enrolling in No Nonsense Nutrition was one of the best decisions I have made. I’ve lost almost 30 lbs and 30 inches, without ever feeling like I was on a “diet”. I learned how to make smarter nutrition choices that work for me and my lifestyle. I also feel physically stronger and more confident than I have in years. Justine has provided support and guidance throughout the program, and has helped me tackle any issues that came up and navigate how to deal with difficult situations before they arose.” N.Z. 

Registration for No Nonsense Nutrition is closed. Please sumbit an application for future sessions above. Justine will contact you when the next round of coaching is open. 

Apply for No Nonsense Nutrition Coaching

When you graduate from No Nonsense Nutrition you can expect to feel...

Empowered, confident and in control of your food choices. Bye bye to guilt, frustration and second guessing every piece of food you put into your mouth!  

Energized and healthy in your body. Finally rid yourself of your cravings and energy slump.  

Decreased level of stress and obsession surrounding your eating. Socializing with friends will actually be fun again!  

A sense of ease and automation in your daily habits. You will learn how to practice, master and automate your habits so you’ll no longer obsess about your food.  

Confident in your skin, LOVE and appreciation for your body. 

Over time you can expect to lose fat and inches, which is a welcome by-product of living the No Nonsense lifestyle, but it’s more about what you’re going to gain from the program than what you’ll lose!

What's included in No Nonsense Nutrition

  •  We start with an in-depth welcome package that dives deeply into your current health and wellness and your motivation for joining the program. This helps you to create a vision of your ultimate goal, and helps you understand WHY that goal matters so much. From this phase I create your custom your 5-month coaching curriculum.
  • Together, we'll work through your customized habit-based curriculum based on your body, your mindset and your needs. I'll deliver habit-based resources to you exactly when you need them, so you're never overwhelmed with too much information.
  •  Weekly goal setting and personalized progress check-ins wih Justine. We'll measure progress in ways that are meaningful to you, and hold you accountable to your goals.
  •  30-minute one on one video coaching calls with Justine two time per month (10 total), where we will explore, trouble-shoot, strategize and celebrate. You can expect me to call you out on any BS too!
  •  You'll have email access to me anytime, I'll be in your corner answering your questions and keeping you accountable on the fly.
  • Monthly exercise planning and programming 


The investment for No Nonsense Nutrition coachig is 5-monthly payments of $350* or one singe payment of $1,500*. 

Remember, when you invest in yourself, you are going to automatically level-up your behaviour by putting yourself on the hook. Plus, you get two monthly coaching calls, weekly goal setting check-is and unlimited email access to Justine, customized nutrition planning and exercise programming. Note: I only work with 5 clients at one time, so that I can truly focus on you and hold you accountable.  

The absolute best part of saying YES to yourself is that you're going to learn to shift your mindset, gain confidence in your choices, learn to trust yourself and feel empowered. Leanness, fat loss and muscle gain, those are simply by-products of the process.  

Do NOT sell yourself short. If you really want this, let's connect to explore whether No Nonsense Nutrition is right for you!

*Prices are subject to HST.

Who is No Nonsense Nutrition for?

  • You're in a rut with your eating and you're ready for support.
  • You’re SO sick of trendy diets, restriction and being ‘on’ or ‘off’ the wagon. 
  • You feel like you've tried every. single. diet and nothing has worked in the long term.
  • You are ready, willing and able to show up for your health every day.
  • You are ready to focus on the journey and not just the destination or outcome.e
  • You’re ready to stay accountable to reach your goals, and take responsibility for your actions.
  • You're ready to get consistent with your eating habits 
  • You want to feel healthy, confident and empowered in your eating.ou

Who is No Nonsense Nutrition NOT for?

  •  You're looking for a meal plan to follow
  •  You're looking for quick-fix, not a forever-lifestyle
  •  You're expecting immediate results
  •  You’re not ready, willing and able to make changes in your life right now ou

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the daily time commitment? The goal of No Nonsense is to weave change into the fabric of your unique life circumstances. My goal is to help you make this as seamless as possible on a daily basis. Weekly check-ins should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete, bi-weekly calls are scheduled for 30-minute sessions.

How long is the program? No Nonsense Nutrition is a 5-month commitment, which is plenty of time for you to feel deeply rooted in the changes you're making to your lifestyle. There is always an option to continue on a monthly basis, should you feel that you need more support or you'd like to add a maintenance phase to your program.

Are there meal plans included? I’m going to be teaching you how to eat in ways that work well for your body. Customized meal plans are NOT part of this program. I believe that meal plans take away our sense of responsibility and power. To me, meal plans become a crutch instead of teaching us how to make healthy decisions for ourselves.  

What results can I expect? With any program, what you put into it will affect what you get out of it. Over time you can expect to lose fat and inches. I’ve had clients lose up to 30lbs over the course of the program, but I’d rather focus on what you’re going to gain than what you’re going to lose! You can expect to feel healthier, more energized and more calm and empowered around managing food choices. You can expect to find a more self-aware and confident version of yourself.

How do we communicate with each other during the program? We communicate both through email, and coaching calls are conducted through video calls on Zoom. All communications are one on one, between me and you! 

Have I left any questions unanswered? Let's set up a time to speak so that I can answer your questions and make sure that this program is right for you. I know that investing in yourself can feel like a big commitment, and I want you to be confident in your decision. 

The women in the success stories I've shared aren't unique or special. They're no different than you and me. They just chose to say YES to themselves, and take action.

Today is your opportunity to make a decision to change your life for the better. Today is the day to finally say YES to yourself. Today is your day to step into the very best version of yourself: one with more confidence, more self-worth and more energy . 

To explore whether No Nonsense Nutrition is right for you, schedule a No Nonsense Connection Call with Justine. This FREE call is an opportunity to chat about your goals and the program. There is no obligation to join.

Are you in? Let's chat!

Registration for No Nonsense Nutrition is closed. Please sumbit an application for future sessions above. Justine will contact you when the next round of coaching is open.  

Your Coach - Justine Cappel 

I help busy women navigate the middle ground between the all or nothing mindset when it comes to nutrition, fitness and mindset. I give them the tools they need to feel strong, empowered and confident in their own skin. (the way you deserve to feel!) I teach them how to give up the all or nothing and find a forever-lifestyle.  

I have a BASc. in the field of Public Health which means I know and care a lot about health promotion, and I basically wish I was Joanne Mcleod from Body Break. I’m also a:  

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Personal Training Specialist, Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist, Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach, and Bellies Inc. Certified Trainer. 

When I'm not coaching my women, I can be found hanging out with my adorably exhausting kiddos. I love to cook and eat, so I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I have a super-musical husband who’s always humming a tune or tapping a beat. In my ‘down-time’ (lol, what’s downtime again?!) I can be found lifting heavy things, doing yoga in my living room, walking outdoors (usually listening to books on Audible) or colouring in my adult colouring books. (Does that sound like the colouring books are sexy? They aren’t.)

I’m a firm believer that anything tastes better when served in a champagne flute. I love kale and greek yoghurt as much as I love coffee, wine and carrot cake (no walnuts). When I’m not wearing my workout gear, I pretty much wear a uniform of skinny jeans + v-neck + cardigan. Still have questions about No Nonsense Nutrition? Let's set up a time to speak!

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